IPC / IBC bins

Applications / Specifications :

Pharma FabTM Industries “ IPC / IBC Bin containers are used to carry products or API / Bulk Powder I a hygienically manner and without the contact of human hands .

IPC/ IBC Bins is a container made from SS 316 sheets having cylindrical Body and taper bottom. A lid is provided on top. The lid is big so that complete washing the IPC is easy. The Bin is seated on a detachable stand or fixed leg made of SS 304 pipe stand, having four legs and each leg is fitted with heavy duty castor wheel of special design with ball bearing and SS side frame (2 nos.fixed and 2 Nos swiveling).

IPC / IBC Bins are used for handling, storing, transporting and mixing of pharmaceutical powders and granules before, between and after various processes. They are designed and manufactured to be handled through their own trolley and offer the advantage to leave the trolley at floor when the container is raised up to be positioned onto process machines like tablet presses, sachet filling machines etc.

The IPC / IBC Bin loader is use for transfer the material dust free and without human touch in pharmaceutical industries for Load powder in to RMG bowl, Coating Machine and online sifting and milling , Load powder in to hopper of tablet press, Load tablet in to hopper of blister pack

The IPC / IBC Bin Loader consists of a main frame, Bin fixing arm, Hydraulic lifting device and pivot base. This main frame move 360 degree on axis and Bin fixing arm moves upwards and downwards in the frame by hydraulic cylinder and power pack system. The moveable container/Bin bringing placed beneath the fixing arm, operate the hydraulic drive system which lifts arm with the container and it raises the container till it gets stops exactly in a position and then it could be unload by opening of butterfly valve of machine.

Salient Features :

  • Capacity available from 50 Kg to 500 Kg.
  • Design as per GMP and cGMP .
  • All Contact parts SS 316 / SS 316L & Non Contact parts SS 304.
  • Charging through the top opening.
  • Discharging through bottom discharge with the help of butterfly valve.
  • Universal Bin handling and stacking system for easy automated handling and stacking of bins
  • Easy cleaning with food grade silicon gaskets.
  • Mirror finish from inside and adequate hopper angle for easy and complete discharge of Products

Optional :

Round Type Bin with trolley and without trolley . Trolley with PU wheels for mobility. Square Type Bin with trolley and without trolley. Trolley with PU wheels for mobility.