Horizontal Storage Tank

Applications :

Pharma FabTM Industries has been Designing & Manufacturing preparation vessels and storage tank and has consolidated a process as per the customer needs.

Salient Features :

  • Available Capacity from 50 Litres to 30,000 Litres.
  • Design as per GMP and cGMP
  • MOC : SS 304 , SS 316 , SS 316L
  • All Contact parts are of SS 316 / SS 316L and Non Contact parts of SS 304.
  • Vertical , Horizontal ( Capsule type , etc ) design
  • Atmospheric operation , Vacuum Operation or Pressure Operation.
  • Jacketed type and Non -Jacketed type for heating & cooling.
  • Option for Heating by Steam, Hot water , Electric heater.
  • Thermal Insulated by glasswool.
  • Mechanicals or Electro polishing of internal surface.
  • Welded, Flanged , Hinged type , Flanged Manhole type lid
  • Discharge is done with ball valve.
  • Option for mounting on legs or flange.
  • Portable execution on request.
  • Validation protocols & Instrumentation calibration.

Optional Features :

  • Steam Coil can be provided
  • Spray valve arrangement for cleaning.
  • Agitator , Homogenizer ( Propeller type, Anchor type provided with High speed disperser or rotor-stator homogenizer.Single or double mechanical seal)can be Top mounted or Bottom Entry types Calibration Scale with SS pipe Casing as a safety guard
  • PU wheels for mobility .
  • Integrated Cleaning in Place-CIP.
  • Sterilizing In Place-SIP as an Option
  • Electric control panel with PT Sensor and Digital temperature Controller.