Fluid Bed Processor

Salient Features

  • Available from 5 Kg to 500 Kg.
  • cGMP compliant.
  • 2Bar Construction.
  • Single pot operation i.e. Mixing, Granulating & Drying.
  • Three Stage Filtration i.e. 10 micron/5 micron /0.3 micron.
  • Precise temperature control i.e. ±1°c.
  • Single / Multi point binder spray arrangement.
  • Minimum spray loss.
  • PLC controlled binder spray rate, WIP and automated powder loading.
  • Explosion relief flap.
  • Flameproof construction.
  • Positive earthing device.
  • Minimum change-over time.
  • World class mirror finish.
  • Cartridge filter for very fine particles.
  • Intelligent process control and safety interlock by PLC & Color Touch Screen MMI along with SCADA facility.
  • Validation support including DQ/IQ/PQ documents.

The Final Product Features

  • Perfect drying and granulation.
  • Increased flow ability.
  • No segregation.
  • Improved compressibility.
  • Improved disintegration and dissolution properties.
  • Taste masking

Different powders of varying bulk density can be homogeneously mixed, processed and dried in Fluid Bed Processor/Granulator.

The turbulence required to mix the ingredients thoroughly is created by the unique design of the perforated plate that makes the bottom of product container.

The binder is sprayed in exact pre measured quantity at regular interval during fluidization.