Applications :

Pharma FabTM Industries “ Bin blenders or Container tumblers are used mainly for blending of dry powders for tablet production and capsule, which facilitates better flow for tablets and capsules. This is a closed contained, totally dust free single step transfer system. It can handle more than one size of container tumblers.

Process :

In granulation room the dry granules enter to the IBC container for blending through a dust free connection and the same IBC container is loaded over to the blender for blending. The IBC bin locked in the resting frame in 15° ,then lifted by hydraulic system in 15° inclined position , after that the IBC bin rotates for blending with 3 dimension action. This same container after blending loaded over the tablet press for unloading in to the tablet press hoppers.


  • Capacities Available from 25 kg to 500 kg batch size
  • Design as per GMP and cGMP Model
  • MOC : SS 304 , SS 316 , SS 316L
  • All Product Contact parts SS 316 / SS 316L & Non Contact parts SS 304.
  • IBC Bin Blender is ideal for dry mixing for lubrication of granules and homogenization mixing and conveying of the material to further process.
  • Interchangeable of different capacity of IBC Bins can be used on same machine used for mixing.
  • In the granulation room , the dry granules enter in to the container for blending through a dust free connection and the same container is loaded over to the blender for blending
  • This is a closed and contained system. It is Totally dust free.
  • Also another advantage is adaptability of this system to handle more than one size of containers, so processing of different sizes of production batches can be done in single equipment.
  • Rigid drive with Reduction Gear box and Motor are Enclosed in the machine structure.
  • Hydraulic power pack system is used for lifting of product bin for mixing.
  • A suitable railing around the cage, with one entry point provided for the bin on the detachable trolley. Trolley with PU wheels for easy mobility.
  • For free transfer of the particles ,the charging hole with cover is provided on top ,with quick opening and closing arrangement, with dust proof joints
  • IBC Bin discharge is done with the help of butterfly valve
  • Electric controls panel for smooth and ease in operation with cycle time.

  • Optional Features :

  • AC Frequency variable drive (VFD) for product container.
  • PLC Controls with HMI touch screen,
  • Flame proof motor and Push Button station.
  • Interchangeable Product Container

  • Safety Features :

  • Limit switch on entry door to prevent the accidental operation of the cage,
  • Overload relay protection & Emergency stop button..